KSV-Faculty of Management has been established to adopt and impart value based education to bridge a gap between Management Students and Business organizations. Corporate expectations have increased, in this immensely competitive posture, from Management graduates. At S.V. Institute of Management (SVIM) – Kadi, students have been trained for enhancing their management abilities. This has been supplemented by all round personality development. A proactive learning style and meticulous academic procedure has equipped the students to do extremely well in various demanding situations of the corporate world.

At SVIM, students are encouraged to think unencumbered by prejudices, and understand what is beyond the obvious. We are confident that, in our students you will find – a good leader, a hard worker and all that goes into the making of a good manager. On behalf of KSV, we extend a very warm welcome to all the recruiters for the placements 2016 and look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship.

Prof. Priti Salvi
Placement Coordinator
Email: salvi_priti@yahoo.co.in
Call: (M) 9925782600