In advertising the perception prevails “Any one can make a simple difficult but advertising is to make difficult simple”. S.V. Institute of Management is committed to develop a perfect blend of business executives possess the conceptual skills with practical abilities to implement it. As our prime concern has always been towards developing marketing aspirant to work with strident sectors of advertising and media, the institute is accentuating on advertising and brand management. Here, the subject Adverting and Promotion management is taught in three different phases.

Phase I: In phase one, the institute teaches fundamental aspects of Adverting Managements from various text books and reference books. In this phase the students also discuss the case studies.

Phase II: In second phase the students are required to pursue an assignment contains analysis of three different ads from three different sectors namely FMCG, Consumer Durable and Services. It’s brief, can seen on the walls of exhibition hall.

Phase III: In last phase the students develop an ad on the bases of knowledge gained from two phases and this work will consider as a part of their internal assessment. This work can be seen on the desks with the practical implications.

As all this work is done in Semester- III, there is always a time constrain with the students. In-spite of it students put their modest effort in this work and your comments will give an extra edge to their skills.