Dr. Bhavin Pandya
Director, S V Institute of management, Kadi

You may wonder what exactly a B-School imparts in terms of professional development and personality moulding. As a B-School, at SVIM, we focus on the former rigorously and we do not just confine ourselves to the prescribed curriculum. The acid test of effective teaching lies in learning outcomes of individual learner who, in the end, should find himself professionally competent, master of techniques with the art of adopting and innovating them in real and unforeseen business environment and confident to take on uncharted paths.

We admit that with so many individual variants, like cultural and social backgrounds, individual aspirations and attitudes, there cannot be uniform strategy for personality development. We just allow it to happen in diversity of role-plays, leadership situations and individual assignments and projects, which provide wider scope for interaction with the Faculty and professionals, and simultaneously put a premium on creativity, lateral thinking and achievements.

We believe that if we think locally and also sincerely act locally, global dimensions are implicitly taken care of in due course. Perhaps, Mahatma Gandhi would have approved of it. This will ultimately lead to local acting of one being harmonious or consistent with global thinking of another. Managers of the future are to be sensitized to these aspects of the chasm between the desirable future of the society and the present society in terms of parameters of quality and dignity of life. These concerns are positively embedded in the psyche and learning here in every possible way.